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Bluetooth versión: 4.2 tiempo en Espera: 350 horas, tiempo de Carga: aproximadamente 2 horas tiempo de conversación: 6 horas Capacidad de la batería: 110mAh peso Neto: 15g

Lista de accesorios:

1 x H11 Bluetooth Auriculares 1 x Cable de Carga usb 2 x Tapas de Oreja 2 x Oído Apoyo

  • Certificación: CE
  • Sensibilidad: 80dBdB
  • Número De Modelo: h11
  • Estilo: Banda para el cuello
  • Diámetro De Conductor: 6mm
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Respuesta De Frecuencia De Rango: 80 - 20000Hz
  • color: Negro,Rojo,Azul,Negro, Rojo
  • La Longitud De La Línea: 0.6 mm
  • La función: El deporte
  • Método De Carga De: Cable
  • Número De Conductores: 2
  • Paquete De Lista: Cable De Carga
  • La comunicación: Inalámbrica
  • Conectores: NINGUNO
  • Inalámbrica De Tipo: Bluetooth
  • Activo De Cancelación De Ruido: No
  • Soporte de la APLICACIÓN: No
  • Versión De Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Control De Volumen: Sí
  • Arte Vocal Principio: Dinámica
  • Impermeable: Sí
  • Resistencia: 32ΩΩ
  • Botón De Control De: Sí
  • Es inalámbrico: Sí
  • Soporte De Tarjeta De Memoria: No
  • Tipo De Enchufe: NINGUNO
  • Nombre De La Marca: ZELOTE
  • Códecs: NINGUNO
  • Características: Con Micrófono
  • Con Micrófono: Sí

Alma Albellar
Delivery 8 days Courier, sound liked bass have to buy recommend
Vovan 1970
Доставка быстрая, отслеживается, до двери. Наушники понравились, качественные, соответствуют описанию. Звук хороший. Выиграла в разделе за монеты и цент. Спасибо продавцу.
About the headphones, came quickly and brought a courier with IML. Packing is not crumpled, everything is clear. (arrived on November 30, still alive) there is a magnet, were completely discharged when charged... The indicator was still on fire. (In general, I did not understand the joke, and maybe it should be, at the second charge will not write down) the charge is still kept, well, 8 hours should definitely be there. Connect immediately, switch tracks, sound adds, etc, everything works. About the sound, the sound for budget wireless is good, even excellent. (Bass is something almost average, but not low) Be sure to remove these ear holders, they are comfortable, but the sound in them is not very deep. (When I took them off, the sound became better). In terms of music, you need to appreciate it, and the kinchik or yutub to look at the most, the vocals and voice are excellent. (I took something for this, in music something is missing-me) In the end-I advise you to buy, the seller is honest, took for a cent, everything quickly sent, well done.
Great headphones. Delivery mega fast, brought the courier in a few days. Packing is decent, you can take for a gift. The sound is normal, but I do not really understand, the usual listener. The main thing is that you like it.

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